We are from Donbass, but we don’t need to be pitied, - labor migrant

A migrant (internally displaced persons) and a labor migrant are two different categories of people. According to the opinion poll conducted by Donbass SOS, 67.5% of immigrants at the time of the survey has already found a new job.

These are people who don’t go to charitable funds, don’t require donations, don’t wait for benefits, and don’t rely on relatives. They lost more than any of their countrymеn: a housing, property, friends - that goes without saying, but the labor migrants lost career, visible prospects and a well-coordinated team in addition. All this things has been acquired for years and are valued, believe me, labor migrant, very dearly.

We did not just change places of work, we left the comfort zone, faced with the fact that our position in society needed to be rebuilt, earned, gnawed. We participate in programs, win grants, and if we fail to win right away, we will storm new heights again and again.

We have fallen into conditions when our age is no longer the most demanded by an employer, competition in the labor market is much higher than 10 years ago when we have entered our field, and now we have to fight for a place under the sun from scratch again. According to the same survey, 82% of migrants themselves receive new knowledge and skills to get new work and join new teams.

A migrant workers are not just re-building their career, they are learning to be useful in the area that is in demand in the new conditions and residence, even if in the past life this work was not on the list of possible ones. 30% of immigrants are faced with the fact that they need to learn a new profession. It is more difficult for women to start all over again: according to statistics, 67% of the unemployed migrants are women. But they are also fighting. They do this at the same time with carrying out several equally vital tasks: building a new housing, adapting children to the new conditions and crying into a pillow every night, remembering everything that was left in Donetsk.

The hardest thing was to decide to leave. We left our home firstly for a week, then for a month, then for another uncertain period, “maybe till autumn” and everyone sooner or later realized that this was not temporary - this was the beginning of the new life.

We understand that everything is possible: perhaps the war will end, perhaps Donetsk will become Ukrainian again and a blue-yellow flag will fly over it, but we will never be the same, we will never return to that point that has become a point of no return for us. We are different forever...

We do not need to regret. Firstly, everything is not as bad as it seems to be for those who has never left the comfort zone. Secondly, pity is not the thing that people who could get up after a backstab deserve. Whatever: understanding, sympathy, support, admiration finally, but not the pity! We are not so strong to overcome human pity in addition to everything we could cope.

We have got to know a lot about people: it turns out that there are people who can believe in you, lend a helping hand and give you the opportunity to start your way all over again and demand only one thing instead - a full return in your new business. At the same time, there are those who can take advantage of the fact that you have not the same registration and throw you overboard just because you are “not local”.

It was difficult, it had been bursting out with blood, and yet we were able to complete this quest and became leaders in the race for survival. Now we are stronger, more confident and more professional than 4 years ago and, believe me, we will not stop here. Labor migration has taught us to move forward despite the tears, overcoming pain, ahead to our goal - to return a full life to our families.

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